​​​Hanover Havoc Basketball

Girls Class of 2025


Head Coach - Tiquana Hill

My name is Tiquana Hill. I have played basketball since I was 6 years old. I have three years of experience with coaching varsity basketball, one year with girls and one with boys. I played all during high school and I chose not to play basketball at the college level and focus on studies for personal reasons.  I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (undergraduate) and Liberty University (graduate). I am a high school Special Education teacher and also work with troubled youth as a mental health counselor. My passions in life include traveling, helping kids learn basketball skills, playing PlayStation, and trying new restaurants/food. I look forward to growing with my 2025 team! 

Assistant Coach - Wendy Jordan

Hi my name is Wendy Jordan.  I started playing basketball when I was 8, playing in rec leagues for about 3 years until playing AAU basketball when I was 11. I played AAU from 11 years old until about 17. I also played 4 years of varsity basketball in high school. I didn’t end up playing college basketball. I started coaching after high school for 3 years in rec league for Hanover. I have a fiancé who has 2 kids and am looking forward to getting married this year. I love coaching kids and helping them achieve things they don’t think they’re  capable of doing. 


K. Carlton - #32

E. Fisher - #44

C. Gooch - #22

S. Olson - #9

R. Richardson - #8

N. Hudak - #4

J. Eckstein - #11

M. Murray - #31

M. Frantz - #43

E. Hardwick - #52

S. Gathright - #55