​​​Hanover Havoc Basketball

Seeing the big picture


Head Coach - Kim Browning
Kimberly Browning started playing basketball at the age of 7 and AAU at age 10. In her Sophomore year of high school, Kimberly's AAU team was ranked 5th in the nation. Kimberly graduated from Hanover High School in 2009, finishing first in school history in number of assists and second in rebounding. She went on to play D1 ball on full scholarship at UMBC from 2009-2013 where they were All-Conference champions in 2010. In 2013, Kimberly graduated from UMBC ranked in the top 20 in the America East in rebounding and 5th in blocks per game in her Senior year. Kimberly has assisted with basketball clinics throughout the years, including abroad in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. She currently is an assistant varsity coach at Hanover High School. When Kimberly isn't coaching, she is attending coaching camps and evolving her knowledge in the sport.
Kimberly's Philosophy: Easy is never as fun as what hard work accomplishes. If the process to become a better player, teammate, and athlete is hard, you're doing something right. It's our job as coaches to not only teach the fundamentals of the sport, but challenge and discipline our players to become better versions of themselves on the court so those values can be carried off the court.

​Assistant Coach -  Kristin Clay

Kristin Marie Clay was raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia where her dad put a basketball in her hand as soon as she could walk. Throughout her middle and high school years, she played Boo Williams AAU and varsity basketball and field hockey for Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia. She started out her basketball career at Hampton University and transfered to Virginia Commonwealth University. Her dreams of playing college basketball were cut short her first year due to injury; so her college summers were spent assisting her former high school coach with practices for four years, helping young girls at her church with learning basketball fundamentals, and assisting her former teammates with their newly founded AAU teams in Tidewater. When not on the court, Kristin enjoys community activities and travel. Kristin currently resides in North Chesterfield with her grumpy dog Rocco. 


P. Johnson - #3
L. Clements - #14
S. Coppage - #41

S. Devlin - #55
J. Dull  - #7

E. Eckstein - #1

K. Garner - #13

C. Goldkuhle - #52

J. Goldkuhle - #20

S. Kelvin - #40

​B. Carlton - #22

L. Melton - #24

H. Shuber - #33

C. Sotos - #42

Girls Class of 2023