​​​Hanover Havoc Basketball

​​​Head Coach - David Ford

​Coach Ford has coached youth basketball for the last 10 years in various leagues, including AAU for the last 5 years.  Coach Ford's commitments lie in teamwork, motivation, and a blue collar mentality; meaning teams win, not individuals.  After coaching with Havoc for a couple of seasons, Coach Ford took over the President's role as well.  Starting with only a couple of teams, Havoc has grown to 6 teams over the past few years.  Character before athletics is an essential part of being a member of Havoc Girls Basketball, and is at the forefront of building a Havoc team. Coach Ford coaches the 2018 AYBT East Coast National Championship Team (2022) as well as the Havoc 2026 team.


Coach - Paul Alexander

​​Assistant Coach - Jeffrey Campbell
Assistant Coach - Jennifer Elkins

2019 Roster

E. Woodson  PG #4
L. Elkins        SG #5
K. Campbell  G/F #6
M. Mueller       G  #8
B. Carlton   PG/G #9
J. Wilson      G/F #11
A. Patterson  F/C #15
J. Goldkuhle G/F #20
K. Ford          PG #21
C. Doughty      G #22
D. Liggans       F #25
B. Griffin          G #31
A. Canavos    SG #32
K. Samson     F/C #44
C. Goldkuhle  F/G #52

Home of the 2018 East Coast National Championship Team

Girls Class of 2022