​​​Hanover Havoc Basketball

​What is our philosophy? We seek to help develop a broad basketball skillset of the youth participants who have an interest in considering playing basketball at an advanced level and as a possible primary sport. We believe that through advanced drills and positive, yet constructive criticism that our players will develop the skillset to give them a better chance to contribute school and recreational teams for which they play. 

Who are our coaches? We only accept coaches who are positive throughout practices and games while also being constructive with criticism when needed. Our coaches will not openly berate players or officials and they will conduct themselves as mentors to the athletes in our program. Coaches who cannot control their emotions damage a young athlete’s self-esteem and confidence which decreases the likelihood of developing and retaining the passion of the sport of basketball. 

Who are our players? We have players from the Central Virginia area that offer a desire to improve on and off the court. We have players that exemplify a competitive spirit as well as a high level of sportsmanship. Those that desire is to be part of a TEAM, not an individual, are the type of player Hanover Havoc has on our rosters.Age groups range from 4th graders through high school.. 

What does “travel” mean to Hanover Havoc Girls Basketball? We prefer tournaments where there are no overnight accommodations needed.  As such, most of our tournaments are played in Richmond, Fredericksburg, or Hampton Roads.  Teams may elect to participate in one or two out of town tournaments per season. 

What are the costs?  Before each season, the Havoc Board determines the cost of the upcoming season based on actual costs of previous seasons.  Payments for the season are typically structured as three payments to be paid over the first three or four months as determined by the Board.  The coaches and HAVOC Board are volunteer positions which helps to keep costs low.  
When is the season? High school players start after the high school season ends.  Most of the high school girls tournaments are played in March, April, May, and June.  

Middle school players start in August with Middle School prep camps and have a few practices during the middle school season. As soon as middle school ball ends, we start playing more frequently (two practices a week).  Tournaments for middle school teams are typically played December through June with the bulk of tournaments played February through June.

Elementary age girls tend to have 1 or 2 practices a week starting in September and running through the spring, but will participate in fewer tournaments. 
Where and how are practices run? Practices are held at various gymnasiums in the area depending on rental agreements with schools and churches each season.  Our practices combine individual skill development, team strategy, and live scrimmages with on-court instruction to simulate more game-like situations.

Do we do fundraisers? We have done several fundraisers in the past to reduce costs and we are open to any ideas for further fundraising. 

How can we make a payment? You can make a payment via Paypal to HAVOCbasketballtreasurer@gmail.com or payments can be made in person to the league's treasurer.

Does Havoc accept company sponsorships?  Absolutely! Company sponsorships help to keep overall costs down for the players and provides potential business deductions for sponsoring a non-profit organization.  In return, sponsors are highlighted on our website along with links to their business websites.  Businesses are also acknowledged on multiple publications issued by the organization throughout the year.



Home of the 2018 East Coast National Championship Team